Kebab is inspired by the best of Mediterranean and Dutch campo cooking, by late night street food in Rotterdam and backyard cookouts in Thessaloniki. Everything at Kebab is made from scratch - from the bread we stone-bake hourly, to our fresh herb sauces, and our hand cut Belgian fries. We use free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free meat from local purveyors, and non-GMO bread flour from a worker-owned mill. 


Our mission is to bring you honest, delicious food the combines ingredients you’d find in a fine dining kitchen with the love and laissez-faire feel of backyard pop-up.

Before opening Kebab, chef/owner Walker Reisman spent 8 years travelling through Europe’s waterways on a circus barge. While navigating the Aegean Sea as the ship's rigger and engineer, Walker became obsessed the wood fired ovens many Greeks kept in their gardens. Opon returning to New Orleans he built a wood fired oven in the backyard of a friend and fellow circus boatman's backyard. From that backyard the Pizza Speakeasy was launched in 2009 - a monthly party featuring wood fired pizzas, cocktails and live music. After five years of speakeasies, he and Speakeasy partner Ben Harlow decided to launch a new kind brick and mortar, bringing sandwiches influenced by late nights in Europe to New Orleans, with the scratch-made ethos of those wood fired parties. 

Walker began cooking at age five. His dad, who cooked for a living, taught him how to use a knife and boil an egg. By eight he was making beignets in the family kitchen. A life-long interest in food followed, from curing his own salami and baking bread to rigging up ways to cook couchon du lait on the deck of a ship. But it wasn't until opening Kebab that he began working in a professional kitchen. Though some might call this self-taught, Walker feels he was taught by every person that made a beautiful meal he had the pleasure to eat, every incredible ingredient he's gotten to use and every person who's enjoyed his food. At Kebab, he hopes to keep exploring his love of food, and making un-fussy meals that make folks full and happy.